Pascoe Vale Residence

Anticipated Construction


The initial brief called for an extension to the existing home, but quickly became a substantial four bedroom home

The design response was to create a ‘courtyard’ home inward facing around a large formal entertaining area.

With two young children, an important part of the brief was to create a play spaces that could be observed quite easily from the main kitchen and retreat zones.

Passive solar design has been implemented via vast amounts of north and south facing glazing.

Reservoir Residence



An irregular shaped site and a large 3m wide easement to contend with, the resultant architecture contains 4 bedrooms, massive living and dining, all wrapping around a central courtyard pool. The main living areas are fed with an abundance of sunlight throughout the day allowing minimal dependence upon artificial lighting.

North Brighton - Semi-detached Residences

Anticipated construction:


Dealing with a constrained site and a desire by the client to maximise yield, this brief presented several challenges. The client had also expressed a keen interest in Green architecture, especially passive solar design.

Being a north south site, the introduction of two ‘solar courtyards’ was key to achieving maximise north and south daylight opportunities for each unit. What this meant was a change in perception of ‘private open space.’ Instead of taking the standard path of external backyard placement, we have integrated connections to the outdoor throughout the majority of the homes. The living areas open up to the north and south, allowing a massive entertaining area, including three dining area to be created when desired.

Adding to this, significant amounts of natural light can penetrate into the living zones of the homes, where they are required most.

The forms of the homes represent the client’s aspirations for a contemporary design. A mirrored skillion roof creates the impression of the one single dwelling,  whilst allowing natural infiltration of sunlight at high level throughout the homes.