Every Client is different and every site comes with its own unique challenges. At Light Green, we treat each new project accordingly and offer the exploratory process required in order to ensure the optimal design result is achieved. We have a passion for green design and our work to date is testament to this. Not only do we strive to create beautiful buildings and structures, more importantly we aim to ensure they perform as efficiently as possible, saving you maintenance and most importantly ongoing costs over the building’s lifetime.

This is how we do it.



Right from the beginning, careful consideration of a building site will: minimize the disturbance on the land; protect current vegetation; eliminate the need for additional infrastructure; and provide opportunities for daylighting, solar heat gain, and natural ventilation.


Discovering the right form(s) for your new building or extension is an iterative process and one of the most important steps in building creation . Beginning in Sketch Design phase we interrogate and test various options until we reach the ideal outcome. During this process we use hand sketching and 3d modelling software to gain a true appreciation of the site. This process allows our clients to have a complete understanding of their project.



Energy required by a building can be reduced by both minimising the need for energy consumption and by improving the efficiency of the systems in the building. The energy needs of a building can be reduced with intelligent designs that allow for adequate daylighting, solar heat gain (when desired), and natural ventilation, coupled with an airtight, well-insulated building envelope and efficient fixtures and mechanical devices. The embodied energy of a building can be reduced by selecting local materials that will not need to be shipped long distances, and materials with a low embodied energy — ie: natural materials which take less energy to produce.

Passive Solar


Our buildings are designed to gain solar heat energy in the winter and resist gaining solar heat energy in the summer without the use of ‘active’ mechanical or electrical systems. This is achieved through the consideration of window placement, glazing type, insulation, thermal mass, and shading. In the winter, solar heat energy is allowed into the building, stored, and released, thereby heating the building when required. In the summer, solar heat gain is minimized and re-released to the exterior via natural ventilation to keep the building cool.

Ventilation &
Cooling (HVAC)


The requirements of each building are unique and there are many different systems available; therefore, every system should be tuned to the building’s needs. Improved indoor air quality is achieved through adequate ventilation. Natural ventilation can reduce the need for mechanical ventilation with the use of operable windows, taking advantage of wind movement through the building. Efficient heating methods include radiant floor heating (ideally contained in a thermal mass), and room gas heaters. Energy can be conserved with energy recovery systems which use the humidity and heat energy in the exhausted air to precondition incoming air in winter, and to reject incoming heat and humidity in the summer. At your request, we can engage a Building Services Engineer to design the most efficient system to suit your needs.


Our Services

Our range of services cover Schematic Design, Development Approval, Design Development, Construction Documentation, managing the Tender process and Contract Administration services.Further to this, we also provide all necessary Consultant Coordination required to created a complete set of drawings required for attainment of your building permit.

Schematic Design Services

This is the phase where we create an initial design concept in plan and elevation form that aims to meet your brief & exceed all of your expectations. This will often be accompanied by an interactive 3d model of the proposal, created for your complete understanding of our vision.

Development Approval

If required, we will progress your project through the development approval process. This includes all required consultation with the relevant authority (council)

Design Development Services

In this stage, we will resolve the initial schematic design sketches and prepare preliminary construction drawings. You drawings will be at a level of detail where preliminary costings can be performed with a fair degree of accuracy.

Construction Documentation Services

This is the phase where we will provide you with all detailed construction documents for tendering and ultimately, construction purposes. The drawings are accompanied by detailed architectural specifications and schedules which outline clearly all design intent.

Contract Administration Services 

Once a Builder has been appointed, our scope of services can be tailored to regularly inspect the works for comparison against approved council drawings and tender documents. This service will allow us to make any required design & detail changes when needed and assist in resolving building issues.

Consultant Coordination Services 

We have ongoing relationships with consultants in all related disciplines covering Town Planning, Land Surveying, Structural and Services Engineering, Building Surveying and Energy Rating to ensure all requirements are met to secure building permits in a timely manner. As part of our service, we will liaise and coordinate all consultant work to ensure a coherent set of building documents is produced.

Construction Budget Control

As Light Green Architecture does not provide professional cost estimation services, we will happily provide a referral to a professional building cost estimation service should you wish to review
construction cost estimates at any stage of the documentation works. It is the responsibility of the client to engage the cost estimation expert to ensure their budget is controlled throughout all phases of the project.